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Technology management and software engineering based on hi-end technologies. Effective, easy to use and fast solutions created for cloud services, IoT devices, phones, tablets and desktops. Project management, marketing, support and operations. All you need for successful launch and run.

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Cognitive experience in project life-cycle

Simple components for consistent success

Effective communications

We use modern tools for project planning, project documentation and issue tracking. Full contact and openness with you is our priority, and you can always choose where and when you want to participate.

Hi-end technologies

We use the latest and most effective programming technologies and DevOps practices. Any kind of technology or API could be integrated into your project. Any kind of idea could be implemented.

Project fast start

Usage of Agile methodologies and our experience allow us deliver new functionality every week. You don't need to wait for finishing of all software modules to start your project.

Cloud eco-system

We love clouds and virtualization. Cloud architecture based on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other cloud providers allows us to build flexible and geo-distributed architecture for your project. Any system can be scaled easy and fast.

Technical components of your platform

Our Services

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Software development

We build easy to use solutions and effective software applications for businesses or ideas of any kind.


We enrich your ideas with new technologies and research, to bring Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into your project.

Payments and API

We provide our integration experience with payment systems like Visa and Paypal and services like SalesForce and Amadeus.

Enterprise integration

We deliver integration with enterprise bus, data warehouse or any other enterprise grade service to leverage full business potential of your project.

Mobile development

Games, applications and services for iOS, Android and any type of device. Based on Swift, Java, HTML5, Unity and CoronaSDK.

Security audit

Audit and penetration testing for heightened security. Handling sensitive user data or communication with government organisations and banks.

Linux engineering

Development and support of fail resistant, flexible and scalable multi-server architecture for Fog, Cloud and IoT infrastructure.

Project management

We carefully examine every aspect of the project in terms of transparent and effective management.

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Create your digital platform

Technical components for consistent success

Web-site and mobile applications

Optimized landing page, contact form, social networks integration, domain name, hosting and IT-support.


Internet-shop engine with comfortable user interface and admin panel. Enterprise integration with CRM systems.

Business backend

Event driven business application server with user friendly interface. Connectivity for Android and iPhone.

Analytics service

Software components for business analysis and predictions. Scalable technical solutions with rich reports and visualization.

Intelligent platform

Computer systems for real-time decision making and business event stream processing.

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